Airy Light Sheet Single Photon System

Aurora Light Sheet Microscopy

The Light sheet microscope from M Squared Lasers.

Single photon imaging of samples up to 1 mm thick.

This system brings you access to an airy beam system that can image a very large FOV, great resolution (sub micron isotropic) and go deep in to samples. Motorised acquisition for tiling a really large volume.

Imaging System

Upright Excitation and Detection objective pair (iSPIM configuration) with 4 axis stage control (x, y, z & xz).


10x Excitation

20x 0.8NA Detection

Laser Wavelength

405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm


Custom Okolab Chamber for temperature and CO2 control


High Content Imaging, Opera Phenix, Advanced light microscopy Neuroscience, Fluorescence Microscopy, Light Microscopy Facility, Science

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