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Ti-E Three Camera Calcium Microscope

Inverted epifluorescence microscope with dual fluorescence camera detection and a colour camera for histology.
Automated Scanning possible

Typical Usage

Gentle fluorescence Imaging - live cell or fixed cell, Calcium imaging or similar ratio based imaging

Imaging System

Three camera system using Dual Andor Neo sCMOS camera or high resolution Colour Camera


[Air - 20X, 40X]   [Oil - 40X, 60X, 100X]   [Water - 40X]


[DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Cy5, GFP/mCherry] [CFP, YFP] [Fura-2 340/380 nm]


Perfusion Pump

Temp: 3°C above ambient to 45°C

Perfusion pump set up available

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