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Upright Confocal / Multiphoton

Nikon Upright Ni-E with A1R confocal optics or IR laser for multiphoton imaging 

Typical Usage

3D Confocal Imaging of Fixed Tissue or Cells

Multiphoton Imaging of Tissue / Organisms < 2mm 

Imaging System

Laser Scanning Confocal or a Multiphoton

Confocal Lenses

10x Air, 20x Air, 40x oil 1.3NA, 60x oil 1.4NA

Multiphoton Lenses

CFI75 25x 1.3NA Dipping objective with 2.0mm working distance

CFI60 40x dipping objective 3.5mm working distance.

Laser Wavelength

405nm / 488nm / 561nm / 640nm 


700-1080nm Pulsed IR (multiphoton laser)

Turning On

Mounting a slide

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