Nikon STORM 5.0

‚ÄčNikon Ti2 inverted microscope with Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy / TIRF / sCMOS or Dual EMCCD coupled with Cairn TwinCam/ epifluorescent imaging with CoolLED p4000

Imaging System

Nikon LU-NV Laser bed / CoolLED p4000 for illumination / Dual EMMCD (Beam splitter) or Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4 / Piezo Focussing / DIC optics


CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda 20X 0.75NA

CFI SR HP Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil 1.35NA

CFI Apochromat TIRF 60XC Oil 1.49NA

CFI SR HP Apochromat TIRF 100XAC Oil 1.49NA

Laser Wavelengths

405nm / 445nm / 488nm / 514nm / 561nm / 640nm

LEDs Wavelengths

365nm385nm 405nm 435nm 460nm 470nm 490nm 500nm 525nm 550nm 580nm 595nm 635nm 660nm 740nm 770nm

Emission Wavelengths

More details coming 


Okolab Incubator with Humidity and CO2 control


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