Automated Cell Counting In General Analysis

Step by step General Analysis set up and automated counting.


Basic automated co-localisation measurements in General Analysis and co-localisation with more advanced criteria.

Deconvolution Coming Soon...

How to set up and run deconvolution to enhance image resolution.

Batch Deconvolution

Instructions on how to write a Macro so you can perform the same deconvolution parameters on multiple images.


FIJI Is Just ImageJ  ( but with many plugins included )

ImageJ  Website

A place to download and learn how to start using FIJI / ImageJ. It is an open source image processing program designed for scientific multidimensional images.

FIJI  Tutorials

Links to basic help guides and more advanced tutorials such as "Simple Neurite Tracer: Step By Step Instructions"

FIJI  YouTube  Channel

Video tutorials

Our workstations are free to use.

Please book the workstation with the software you need.

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