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Inverted Confocal

The Nikon AX is a confocal microscope for biomedical imaging and advanced fluorescence microscopy - our system is equipped with both galvano (up to 8K x 8K) and HD resonant scanning (2048 x2048 pixel) for full flexibility and speed of acquisition at high quality
The A1R is capable of tile scanning / multi- position live imaging for timelapse / stimulation experiments and FRAP/FLIP/FRET and more.....
In addition it has spectral detection and unmixing for when your fluorophores are overlapping or you have issues with autofluorescence

Typical Usage

Scanning Tissue, 3D imaging of fixed samples,

FRAP (protein mobility in live cells)

Photo Activation, Calcium Imaging, FRET (biosensors or molecular interation)


Imaging System


Nikon's new AX confocal has highly sensitive detectors with 2 tunable filter ranges and spectral imaging options


[Air - 10X, 20X]  [Oil - 40X, 60X]    [Water - 40X]   [Silicon - 100X]

Laser Wavelength

405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm, 640nm


Okolab incubator with CO2 control

Temp: 3°C above ambient to 45°C

User Guide

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