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Opera Phenix

Perkin Elmer's flagship high content screening system with epi-fluorescence or confocal imaging of multi-well plates/chamber slides


Capable of imaging whole plates and analysing populations for signal variation / morphological variations / phenotype analysis (Phenologic)


Preciscan is available for intelligent scanning - a typical approach where a low magnification pre-scan is applied, analysis script is run and regions of interest determined for re-scanning - this allows you to find the 1 in 1000000 cell reliably

Imaging System

Epifluorescent or Spinning disk confocal with up to 4 camera detection at once


[Air - 5x, 10x & 20X]   
Water -20X, 40X & 60X]

Laser Wavelength

385nm, 445nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm


Temperature ranging from 25ºC to 42ºC - CO2 concentration control from 0.5% to 10%


User Guide   Analysis     Archiving  

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